“Channel 4's been established as a public service broadcaster, and... it's in receipt of public money.”

Nadine Dorries, House of Commons Select Committee

23 November 2021


Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, made this remark at a Select Committee hearing. This is not true. Channel 4 funds itself with commercial operations. 

The Treasury classifies Channel 4 as a “self-financing public corporation”. In order to meet this definition, a public corporation “must trade profitably and not require subsidies or other financial support from its parent department”. 

Channel 4 is a publicly owned “public corporation”, which funds itself through commercial activities such as advertising. 

For a fuller analysis, see FullFact.


Nadine Dorries’ claim about Channel 4 was wrong. Her misleading remark remains on the Commons record in defiance of the ministerial code.

We approached Ms Dorries’ office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport for comment, but no reply.