“There will be no checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

Boris Johnson, speaking in Parliament

22 October 2019


Johnson made the claim there would be no checks three times in the House of Commons on 22 October. He was challenged by Labour MP Kate Hoey, DUP MP Nigel Dodds, DUP MP Sammy Wilson, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MP Owen Smith.


Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay had said the previous day that paperwork would be required for goods sent between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The government’s own impact assessment on the withdrawal agreement says: “Goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will be required to complete both import declarations and Entry Summary (ENS) Declarations because the UK will be applying the EU’s UCC (Union Custom Code) in Northern Ireland.”


The prime minister’s claim that there will be no checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland after Brexit was false.